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LVS is strongly committed to every student
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Our university strives for internationalization and diversity. An important aspect is really often forgotten: inclusivity. A university can still be so diverse, but if we do not feel at home and included, this is an empty goal in our opinion. Leiden is a broad, international university. LVS understands that every student has different needs, wishes and beliefs. Leiden is a broad, international university. The LVS wants to see this reflected in the representation. Inclusion is our top priority.



We ask the University to be progressive, especially when it comes to sustainability. Short example: although steps are being taken with regard to waste separation, there is still much that can be improved at our university. What about, for example, heat consumption? Participating in a warm sweater day once a year is certainly good, but what more can be done? Dare to set the tone when it comes to environmental policy and sustainability, especially as a university!



When the basic student grant was abolished, it was promised that the money released would be used to improve education. Since then, the educational institutions themselves had to come up with a plan for this. The participation council has a very active role in what this plan will look like. LVS took a critical look at the plans of the university last year. LVS wants a healthy balance between small-scale education and innovation (like blended learning, web lectures, etc.). Students must be given space and help with regard to self-development and additional activities.



The results of the elections are known! We have acquired extra seats at the faculties of Humanities, Governance and Global Affairs & Social and Behavioural Sciences. In the other councils we maintain our current seats. This increases LVS' total amount of seats from 8 to 11 seats in the various councils!

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