Wicher Verhage

  • Better information providing and communicating with students. It is important for students to know what is happening, where to find information about their study options and extracurricular opportunities. Communication has not been optimal in the past corona year, foor example the timetable for BA2 students in the 3rd block.

  • Better planning of courses. At the time of corona, some courses could not take place. These courses have been postponed for a year, which means that some students have an too busy planning. A similar situation must be avoided in the future. If students experience delays due to this situation, the faculty must accommodate them.

  • Better accessibility to buildings and education. It is important that every student feels at home at the faculty and is not hindered during the study time. At the moment, the accessibility of the faculty building and the education is not yet optimal. That is why we propose to improve:

    • Accessible building. It is important to remove the thresholds in the faculty building and to install a better lift for students who have a physical disability.

    • Relaxing attendance requirement. It is important to be more flexible in regard to the attendance requirement for students when their daily life is hindered by mental or physical problems.

    • Exam support. Students who are struggling with fear of failure and therefore have difficulty in completing their exams in a stress-free manner should receive good support in this regard. Think of longer time during exams and more flexible deadlines.

    • Accessible internships. Alternative internships must also be available for students who cannot follow an excavation internship due to an injury or other physical problem.

  • Functioning Mentorships. Since corona, buddy groups have been set up that are supervised by student mentors. This system with student mentors ensures that there is more informal contact between students, that senior students can familiarize themselves with the faculty and help them with problems. We propose to maintain and further improve this mentoring system. Student mentors must also be properly trained for their task. This will be offset by a proportional compensation.

  • Maintain the unique position of this faculty. The Faculty of Archeology in Leiden is the only independent archaeological faculty in the Netherlands. This unique position must be maintained. The small faculty creates a close-knit community with a small, but generally well-functioning organization. Although this faculty must maintain its current position, we are in favor of the faculty seeking more cooperation with other faculties of this university in order to offer students the widest possible range of study options.