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Maarten van Zuijlekom

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Creating a mentor system. A faculty-functioning mentor system must be set up, which is the same forall study programs. All first year students should be supervised by a teacher mentor, but also by student mentors. These can not only provide accessible help to new students, but also improve the inclusion of the study program.


Merging of skill centres. There should be a single faculty skills center instead of the fragmented offer that is now available. Currently, a great deal of help is provided to students from various angles to improve their study skills. We would like to see these (POPcorner, Academic Language Center, Academic Skills Expertise Center and the Career Service) join forces, better respond to the needs of the student and be more visible to all students.


Expanding capacity of study advisors and coordinators. The shortage of study advisers and coordinators needs to be resolved urgently. A well-functioning study coordinator and / or advisor contributes to study progress and student well being.



Moving elective credits to first semester. The elective credits in the third year must be placed entirely in the first semester. At the moment, elective credits are spread over two semesters. However, this makes it difficult to follow minors at other faculties or universities, to do an extensive internship or to study abroad. As a result, students can experience a study delay and are prevented from filling in this space as desired.


Preserving smaller studies. The small specializations and study programs that our faculty knows must be preserved. These embody the special knowledge that our faculty has to offer. This therefore offers a unique position in the (national) educational offer and must be retained as much as possible in times of cutbacks.



Expanding sustainable choices restaurant. There should be more vegetarian food in the restaurant. At least once a week, there must be an all-vegetarian offering in the restaurant and café. For this, the university must make more sustainable agreements with the catering company.


Including sustainability in curricula. Sustainability should become a topic in the core curricula. While we will not easily develop new sustainable devices or methods at Humanities, we can think about the implications of sustainable innovations in our societies and view the sustainability and climate from different perspectives.



Increasing visibility student participation. The influence that students can have on their own education must be increased and be more visible. The participation in the study program committees, faculty council and university council should therefore be better known to students. This way, students know better where to go with their complaints and employee representatives can draw more input from their supporters. One way this visibility could be enhanced is through a faculty instagram page where OLCs and FR share their points, by providing more approachable events , involving students in the content of their teaching and better educating students about the faculty organizational structure.

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