Governance and Global Affairs


Rassoul Coelen

Justin Spruit

Job Kemperman


Improving study place availability. The number of students in The Hague is increasing every year, as a result of which fewer places per student are available. In the short term, the opening hours of the study places on the Wijnhaven and Anna van Bueren and the Beehive and Schouwburgstraat buildings can be extended. In the long term, the number of study places must be increased.
In addition, the Wijnhaven is freely accessible to everyone, which means that the study places are sometimes occupied by students who are not from Leiden University. This must be monitored more strictly by the security.

Extending opening hours restaurants. The restaurant at the Wijnhaven has limited opening hours in the evenings and at weekends. The restaurant in the Anna van Bueren building is not open at all in the evenings. Both restaurants need to stay open longer, in order to offer sustainable and healthy meals at the university.

Moving microwave. The microwave in the Wijnhaven building must be placed outside the canteen so that you can also heat up meals late at night, for example when you meet with your study association.

Improving weblectures procedure. Last academic year, agreements were made about the procedure around web lectures. In the coming academic year, we need to look at how these agreements can be improved, with the ultimate goal of recording all lectures and make them available immediately.

Submitting papers online only. Papers should only be submitted online by students, in order to increase the sustainability of education. If lecturers want to grade with hard copy versions of papers, they can print these themselves free of charge, instead of students having to pay for it.

Sustainability for business trips. The policy with regard to bussiness trips of staff at the faculty must be structured in a sustainable manner. This could include public transport for short distances, train journeys for medium distances and CO2 compensation for air travel.

Student participation
Increasing visibility student participation. The visibility of the faculty council needs to be improved. For example, the council should be given the opportunity to post to the faculty's Instagram account and send emails to students, in order to keep them informed of what is going on at the faculty.

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