University Council


Rassoul Coelen


Lina de Los Rios Torres


David Tempelman

  1. Rassoul Coelen

  2. Lina de Los Rios Torres

  3. David Tempelman

  4. Jamie Bick

  5. Maarten van Zuijlekom

  6. Ids Hofman

  7. Jenny Lam

  8. Wicher Verhage

  9. Claire van den Helder

  10. Adam Emara

  11. Sebastian Cornielje

  12. Ebrar Kaya

  13. Xenia Dees

  14. Lucia Buijs

  15. Can Korkmaz

16. Armando Noordzij

17. Lisa Maxime Knoch

18. Ylke van der Zwet

19. Marnix van Hemert

20. Jeppe Brandinga

21. Lena Kwakman

22. Noah van Meekeren

23. Job Kemperman

24. Tara Petzke

25. Raúl Wolters

26. Charlotte van der Voort

27. Neele Boelens

28. Gilberto Morishaw

29. Natascha van Zanen

30. Marlene van der Velden


Here you will find our candidates for the university council. Our university positions are also briefly described below per theme. Curious about our reasoning? Check this page for our full party program , with explanation per position!

Diversity & inclusion

  1. Diverse pronouns in university communication

  2. More support for existing diversity networks and platforms

  3. More attention for inclusive education

  4. A diversity training for associations

  5. Accessible educational facilities


  1. More space for sustainability as a subject in education

  2. Sustainable use of buildings

  3. Fewer disposable products

  4. Increase vegetarian offer in cafeteria and restaurants

  5. Expansion of Leiden University Green Office capacity

Ambitious education

  1. More space to fill in elective credits yourself

  2. Different forms of thesis project

  3. Improve the visibility of student participation

Student welfare

  1. Faculty student psychologists

  2. University wide well-being week

  3. Well-functioning mentor system with student mentors

  4. Clearer information about study assistance


  1. Recording of all lectures

  2. Taking more exams on laptops

  3. Offering knowledge clips online

  4. Ensuring privacy and security: no proctoring

  5. Establishing taskforce Brightspace


  1. Free English and Dutch language courses

  2. Better information services for international students

  3. Better representation of interests Campus The Hague