About LVS

LVS stands for 'Lijst Vooruitstrevende Studenten' which roughly translates to 'List of Progressive Students'. LVS is the only party that represents áll students. Every type of student has the right to participation. LVS is known as a very open student party that works in an active, pragmatic and enthusiastic manner. We are committed to jointly reach a higher level, both within the Netherlands and worldwide. The transfer of knowledge must be the the university's purpose, study success rates should not be an ultimate goal on their own.

At LVS we know that the average student does not exist. We also understand that a fully study oriented student may have completely different needs than someone who wants a boardmember at a student assocation. That is why LVS strives to be as diverse as possible. That is why we have council members at various faculties in Leiden, who are often also active at various student associations, study associations and other student organizations. Diversity of student participation has been at the core of LVS for a number of years now. We must prevent the same type of student from being represented every year. Leiden is a broad, international university. As a party, we also want to see this reflected in the representation.

We also believe that the university must make sustainable choices when formulating policy. In 2016, the Paris Climate Agreement was signed by the Netherlands, setting goals to combat climate change. We believe that the university should also contribute to this and that is why we also advocating this through our councilors. Partly thanks to LVS, success has already been achieved in the field of waste separation, but there are still many opportunities for improvement.

Although LVS has been advocating for students in Leiden for more than 10 years now, this year we have the most new people in eligible places and we continue this trend! The participation must be available to every student. In short, we are committed to more personal attention. Because no student is the same and no policy should be drawn up on that principle.