Sebastian Cornielje


Lisa Maxime Knoch


Akram Kouta


Tarkan Karayazgan


Meryem Antek

  1. Sebastian Cornielje

  2. Lisa Maxime Knoch

  3. Akram Kouta

  4. Tarkan Karayazgan

  5. Meryem Antek

  6. Marnix van Hemert

  7. Rahma Ouertani

  8. Nadien Abou Elmagd

  9. David Tempelman

  10. Joshua Wegman

11. Thomas Sluijk

12. Noah van Meekeren

13. Iskren Radoslavov

14. Sjoerd Aelen

15. Elise Dirkse

16. Melih Uzun

17. Arthur van Dijk

18. André Wang

19. Joris Claessens

20. Tim van Woezik

  • Further digitalization. The Corona pandemic has shown the possibilities within the faculty for a digital educational environment. LVS want to further this progress after Corona, especially the online publications of lectures, as well as the rapid announcements of exam results.

  • Altering the examination schedule. The majority of students within our faculty experience difficulty with the fact that exams are scheduled right after the ending of the holidays, which makes it hard to enjoy our well-deserved vacations. LVS wants to ensure exams are scheduled before the vacations.

  • Easing of the admission policies for exams. Students are responsible for their studies themselves and should have the right to explore their own ideal way of studying. LVS thinks admission policies for the exams are too strict currently, therefore we would like to ensure that the minimum number of tutor groups for admission will be removed, as well as the ability to make a resit without having taken the initial exam.

  • Increase support and guidance for students. Numerous students are bogged down by non-study related issues, thus needing support from the university to ensure their studies won’t suffer because of these issues. LVS wants to double the amount of study coordinators and mentors per tutorgroup.

  • More involvement of internationals within the faculty. Although a tenth of the students at our faculty are internationals, they are seldom mentioned within the student participation meetings. LVS wants to change this by helping study associations create committees which target internationals. Moreover, we want the faculty to organise events to increase cohesion between international students and the Dutch students.

  • Further the dual language policy. Currently the faculty is falling behind in the implementation of the university’s dual language policy, while this is of utmost importance for the involvement of international students within the faculty. We want the faculty to make a better effort regarding the implementation of the policy.

  • Abolishing raw gradelists. External organizations can currently request raw gradelists from the university, which include information concerning resits and exams the student did not pass for. This causes a lot of stress among students, partly due to the fact they cannot motivate the reason they failed a course. 

  • Investing in the environment. LVS wants to help reach the university’s climate goals by reducing the amount of plastic used by creating more public water taps, as well as transitioning to green energy sources.

  • A maximum of 20 students per tutorgroup. The amount of students within a tutorgroup is significantly higher than within other faculties.Research has shown this has a negative effect on the quality of education, therefore LVS wants to have a maximum of 20 students per tutorgroup.

  • Invest in student housing. The amount of students in Leiden is increasing every year, alongside the need for student housing. LSV wants the university to further invest in student housing within Leiden and The Hague, ensuring all students have access to quality housing close to the university. 

  • Following honours courses based on motivation. Currently there is no possibility for motivated students who have decided not to follow the honours programme to follow a course within the honours curriculum. LVS finds this an unjustified policy and wants to ensure that all ambitious students have access to honours courses, regardless of their grades.