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Reducing working group size. With as many as thirty students per working group, the working groups at the Faculty of Law are on average much larger than at other faculties. Research shows that smaller working groups have a very positive effect on the quality of education and LVS therefore wants to focus on reducing working groups to a maximum of 20 students per working group. To achieve this in the limited space of the KOG and Gorlaeus, LVS argues in favor of easing attendance requirements for working groups and offering more digital education.



Recording and publishing lectures. The corona crisis shows that much is possible in online education. LVS believes that the faculty must also continue in a number of areas after Corona. That is why we argue in favor of consistently offering lectures online in the same week in which the lectures are held.

Offering extra deepening. LVS would also like to see one-off investments in recording a number of in-depth and enlightening videos that students who need them can use for years. This should be subject-specific videos as well as general online courses in matters such as legal english.



Softening admission requirements exams. Students are responsible for their studies and each student learns best in their own way. According to LVS, the entry requirements for first-year examinations are currently too strict and too rigid. That is why we advocate that the admission requirements for examinations should be made more flexible, by no longer making workgroups an obstacle to take an examination. It will also be possible for every student to participate in a retake without having to take the first exam.


Expand the number of water taps. To tackle unnecessary plastic use, LVS advocates more water taps in the KOG, especially next to vending machines. In this way, students can more easily make a sustainable choice.

Introduction of a sustainable specialization. The university must take a pioneering role in the field of sustainability. LVS advocates for introducing a master's degree in environmental law, to give students the opportunity to focus on sustainability in the curriculum.


Student well-being

Substantial expansion of study coordinators. An awful lot of students are faced with serious problems sometime during their studies. More faculty resources are needed to help with this. That is why LVS argues for a significant increase in the number of study coordinators from 4 to 10. This allows study coordinators to supervise students in a more personal way and to have a chat with each student at various moments during the study, to check how things are going and what problems are encountered.
Expand the number of mentors and student psychologists. In order to make accessible help for first-year students as accessible as possible, LVS also advocates two mentors per tutor group. Finally, serious work is being done to tackle the long waiting lists for student psychologists.

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