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  • Improve the information provision for students. Where can you find information about the BSA, an internship or other extracurricular possibilities? Where do you have to go if you have a complaint, or if you need help? We find that students have difficulties with accessing the information about their study and extracurricular options. With a university website that is more like a labyrinth, the availability and retrievability of information is a university-wide problem. However, with all the different programs within our Faculty, spread over two cities, it is extra important that students can access the information they need. Therefore, we propose the following improvements that you can read in our party programme.

  • An equal position for students at the Campus The Hague. There are several faculties represented in Campus The Hague, this includes our faculty as well. However, sometimes it seems that students or even the Faculty Board are not aware that we are one faculty in two cities. For example, not all students in The Hague know that the assessor in Leiden is our faculty complaints coordinator, and that they can approach them or the Faculty Council for problems. Furthermore, the Faculty Board should also pay more attention to the problems in The Hague. There is, for instance, a huge shortage of study places for years now; our Faculty Board must also help to find an appropriate solution. Our starting point is: the facilities should be the same for students in both cities! That's why we have many propositions that can be read in our party programme.

  • Better implementation of the minor. There are still problems within the way the minor is presented at our faculty. For example, students lack information not just about the possible minors they could participate in, but also about the possibilities of a semester abroad or internships as a minor. 


  • Use the faculty buildings in a sustainable manner that suits student needs. The faculty has to start thinking critically about the way they use spaces. There are issues that can be solved simply by checking the students’ needs and necessities. Thinking ahead we should prepare for when students will be physically present in faculty building. Thus, LVS proposes quality-of-life improvements that you can find in page 30 of our party programme.


  • To have more Career Service activities that cater to all our students. Almost all activities of the Career Service are in Dutch or focused on the Dutch job market. There should be a larger supply of activities and information for international students about the international job market. Furthermore, the Career Service and FLO have worked together amazingly this year. This cooperation should be structural and continue into the coming years. It should also be promoted more clearly that the FLO is accessible to all students, not just FSW-Leiden students, but to all students of Leiden University.


  • To get the most out of our Honours College Track. At the moment there are a few roadblocks within the Honours College Track for students. Students need more guidance, especially regarding the logistical requirements for courses and the Honours programme structure. Students have to go by their coaches if they wish to enroll in specific courses, so these coaches should be more visible and active in the Honours College-process. 


  • Keep improving the co-participation. In the Faculty Council, LVS has made a strong case to improve the co-participation. This must be continued in the coming years: start a committee structure within the Council, start the Programme Committee Buddy system, and increase the compensation for councilors in the Faculty Council and Programme Committees. Regular communication between the Faculty Council and the Programme Committees is an important part of this.