Social and
Behavioural Sciences


Tara Petzke

Timo Ringlever

Yasmine Alladin


Extending opening hours cafetaria. The cafetaria in the Pieter de la Court building must remain open longer, so that you can still get food at the end of the afternoon. The range of hot meals in the restaurant should be expanded, so you can have a hot meal for lunch.

Moving microwave. The microwave in the Pieter de la Court building must be placed outside the canteen, so that you can also heat up meals in the evening, for example when you meet with your study association.

Extending opening hours library. The opening hours of the library are currently too tight, as a result of which many study places are dropped in the evenings. Therefore, the library should remain open longer.

Redesigning basement. Students don't like the basement as a place to study. That is why it must be arranged differently in order to achieve better and more pleasant study places and a better meditation room.

Promoting use online notes. In order to avoid unnecessary paper consumption, the online annotation program should become more familiar to students. With this program you can mark your notes online and organize them clearly, without having to print piles of paper for this.

Sustainable use canteen. Not only sandwiches, but also soup left over after closing the canteen must be sold in the café. Furthermore, the use of plastic one-use cutlery should be abolished.

Education and information
Aligning cum laude requirements. The requirements for graduating cum laude must be leveled within the faculty in order to combat inequality.

Information popcorner. First-year students should be better informed about the popcorner's facilities, as many students don't know it exists or what it offers exactly.

Broaden career services activitities.The range of career services events can sometimes be better tailored to the needs of students from smaller faculty studies

Student well-being

Greatly improve availability student psychologists. The availability of student psychologists must be greatly improved. At the moment you sometimes have to wait months before an appointment can be made, while students should be helped at short notice.

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