LVS has been fighting for the interests of Leiden students within the Leiden participation for years. As a result, we have achieved in recent years:


  • Preseveration of retakes

  • More emphasis on academic English

  • No unnecessary tuition increases for certain masters

  • Avoid discontinuation of the French study

  • A plea for maintaining the quality of facilities for students with a disability

  • Provided with automatic financial reporting for large university projects such as uSis

  • Pledged for more attention for teaching skills of teachers

  • Emphasis placed on involving directly involved students in major decisions of the University

  • Put attention to a sustainable energy and environmental policy

  • Attention was drawn to the relationship between men and women and immigrants / natives, both among staff and students

  • Together with the other political groups, it was ensured that the BSA was not extended from the second to the third year

  • Emphasis placed on offering more scholarships to students from developing countries

  • Improvement of first year guidance

  • Preservation of a rugby field at the University Sports Center