On this page you will find the vacancies of positions within the party where you can actively be committed to a better university. Do you want to become a member, without the need to fill an active position? Feel free to send us an email via the contact form! LVS is currently looking for:

Board 2021-2022

We achieved an amazing election result in the last campaign, which means that next year we will have a strong position in the various councils with thirteen council members. In addition to our members, LVS also needs committed board members! They determine the direction within the party and provide good support for the councilors. The board is the connecting link between councilors, members and reunionists. In doing so, they take the lead in organizing the campaign and ensure that everything runs smoothly within the party.

The board is supported in its tasks by, among others, the Advisory Council, the Audit Committee and various other committees. The board consists of six different functions, namely that of chairperson, secretary, assessor policy, assessor campaign, assessor members and assessor council work. More information about the various functions and tasks can be found here.

For next year we are looking for committed members who would like to hold a board position from October 2021 to September 2022 for 4 to 8 hours a week.

Practically speaking, you will spend an average of 4 to 8 hours per week with meetings, including preparation and action points, any subcommittees and/or board tasks. This differs somewhat per function, some functions have more peaks and troughs in terms of time spent. For example, the Assessor Campaign is very busy in the run-up to the campaign and not so much in the period afterwards. All board members are expected to help find the candidates for the lists and to be present during the campaign week (this goes without saying).

Would you like to commit yourself to better co-participation within the party in the coming year? Send your CV and a short motivation to before Monday June 28, 12.00. You can indicate a preference for two different positions in your application, and the formation tries to meet everyone's preferences as much as possible. For more information about how much fun a board year is or if you have any other questions, you can always email us.

Members policy committee

In the coming year, our new council members will commit to a stronger LVS and an even better university and faculties. They cannot do this alone and that is why LVS is looking for enthusiastic people who want to support our councilors and the party. We are looking for portfolio holders of at least the following topics: (1) sustainability, (2) digitization, (3) diversity and inclusivity, (4) student welfare, (5) internationalization.

As a portfolio holder you delve into one or two of these files by reading in and / or visiting (national) workshops. The workload will be light (approximately six hours per month) and you can largely organize it yourself. Are you interested in one of the above themes and do you want to commit to an even better university? Then this is a great opportunity! Besides this valuable work, this committee offers a nice addition to your CV or it can be a stepping stone to do council work next year. If you are interested, even if you are not yet involved with LVS, please let us know via!

Members social media team

The LVS social media team is looking for reinforcement! A small team takes care of LVS' Facebook, Instagram, LinkedIn page and website. For the coming academic year, we are looking for people who want to help by keeping these pages up and come up with substantive or playful posts. It takes little time (approx. 1 hour per week), but with this small effort you increase the reach of LVS! If you are interested, please send a message via one of our channels or email to

Member reunionist committee

The Reunionist Committee is also looking for a new member. This committee organizes an annual reunion activity and sends out a newsletter two times a year with updates about the party. The workload of this committee is also very light (approx. 2 hours per month). It is practical, but not necessary, that you have been or have been active at LVS for some time. Do you have creative ideas for the newsletter or would you like to find former LVS people for an activity, please email!