Jenny Lam

Kamand Hajighapour

Stian Vermaas

Stijn de Wijze

Ylke van der Zwet

  1. Jenny Lam

  2. Kamand Hajighapour

  3. Stian Vermaas

  4. Stijn de Wijze

  5. Ylke van der Zwet

  6. Thijs van Meurs

  7. Raúl Wolters

  8. Sven Lakemeier

  9. Jelle Keulemans

  10. Hein van Elderen

  11. Luuk van Holk

  12. Leo Zhang

  13. Youri van Baarle

  • Improve the communication between students and the university: As it stands, the communication between students and university on the faculty isn't always as great as it should be. This leads to inefficiency and loss of information, creating confusion for the students and irritation for the university. This problem should be solved by the establishment of clear communication channels to spread the information and increase the visibility of the organisations which are running our faculty.

  • Inform the students better about their job perspective: While some studies have a great support network for its students, others have a less well established infrastructure. To reduce these inequalities, we would like to see more job-finding activities organised for the whole faculty, thus giving every student a good starting point.

  • More Minors: A number of studies currently lack introduction minors. This makes using your minors to broaden your interests exceedingly hard. If this is rectified, it would prove to be a huge boon to students to broaden their understanding and abilities.

  • Find a better way to enroll in selection-minors: The enrollment in minors in a number of studies is currently unfair. The only way to enroll in these minors is to be the first to enroll in USIS, making your enrollment dependent on your internet speed. This system should be altered towards a more fair system for students, to make it less of a connection race and more inclusive.

  • Create more space for eating and group-projects: Quite a few of our current buildings don’t have enough places to sit and eat in between our obligations. No student or staff member should have to sit on the ground to eat. To worsen this problem, there is a lack of rooms for group-projects, especially for master-students, hampering them in their studies.

  • Have a more inclusive cantine in our buildings: The current cantine doesn’t offer food for everyone. The menu should include either halal or kosher food, to allow all students to get their meal in our faculty.

  • Have a better insight in the spending of the money allocated to improvement of education: The dissolution of the Basic grants in 2015 freed money up to be allocated towards the improvement of education for students. As it stands now, this money seems to disappear as one of the funds for the studies, making it hard to discern how it is spent in improving education. Because these funds are allocated specifically to improve student education, it should be possible to discern more clearly how this money is spent.

  • Make student-voices better heard in the organisation of their study: Quite a few of the studies on our faculty have little to no student-voices in the board of the study. To help this board manage its responsibility better, they should be enlarged, to a size proportionate with the new growth of our faculty, and have at least one student in them, to ensure students can help improve the education of the faculty.

  • Improve the recordings of the lectures: with the current corona-rules, it is a relieve to have good recordings of the lectures by the teachers. However, there are still some small improvements to make: The chalkboards aren’t always very visible, while a lot of teachers make notes on them. Another problem is a lack of subtitles, which make it harder to follow the lesson. 

  • Improve the visibility of the Faculty Council: Too many students don’t know about the importance or even existence of the Faculty Council, while it is vital in improving their situation on the faculty. Too many students don’t see how the problems could be improved, and they should know that we form an important student voice in the organisation of the university.