Raúl Wolters

Sven Lakemeier


Recording lectures. The procedure for recording lectures should be improved, with the possibility of recording available for all lectures.

More freedom in elective credits. To give students more freedom within the curriculum, students should be able to take massive open online courses (MOOCs) for credits instead of electives. Taking a minor must also be made more attractive, compulsory courses should not be offered in the same period as a minor.

Enhancing number of places in canteens. Due to the closure of the restaurant in the Gorlaeus, only the restaurant in the Huygens is still available for students, so there are too few places in the canteen. To solve this, the offer of the restaurant in the new Gorlaeus must be increased, or more places must be created in the canteen of the Huygens building.

Improving availability project rooms. Because there is little office space available, students often cannot get a project room for their projects. This must be taken into account when designing the new buildings.

Information and student participation
More information about labour market. Prospective students and students should be better informed about labour market prospects, outside the career path of research within the university. This can be done, for example, by organizing more career events by Career Services, instead of just by the study associations.

Student member in institute boards. In order to better involve the student perspective decisionmaking, each institute board should be expanded to include a student member.

Increasing visibility student participation. The faculty council's visibility must be improved, in order to inform students better about what is going on at the faculty.

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